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StorSelect DS (part # BK-37102-DS) product


Palmchip Introduces Next Generation Storage Connectivity IP Core

SAN JOSE, Calif. --(Business Wire)-- Feb. 11, 2004 Supports Multiple Standards (ATA133, PCMCIA, Compact Flash, Compact Flash Plus) on a shared bus -- saves 35 pins
Palmchip Corporation, a pioneer in semiconductor IP and system-on-chip platform technology today announced the availability of its new StorSelect(TM) DS next generation storage connectivity IP core with patent pending DriveSelect(TM) and SpeedSelect(TM) technology.

The StorSelect DS (part # BK-37102-DS) product integrates IDE Ultra ATA, PCMCIA, Compact Flash and Compact Flash-Plus functions into a single core. With DriveSelect technology, designers can make chips that work with virtually any type of storage media whether magnetic, flash or optical. The core will automatically detect the type of storage media and switch to the appropriate protocol. Additionally, Palmchip's patent-pending SpeedSelect technology allows the IDE core timings to be reprogrammed by software to support all ATA modes at virtually any clock frequency which is perfect for a wide range of applications from DVD drives up to the ultra fast 133Mhz UDMA storage drives. With Palmchip's unique integration technology, the StorSelect DS product eliminates approximately 35 pins on the chip resulting in cost advantage over traditional integration approaches. The StorSelect DS core is designed to interface to the host processor either through the CoreFrame PalmBus interface or AHB slave interface for PIO access to external devices and access to internal registers.

"The new StorSelect DS product represents Palmchip's continued leadership and dominance in the storage connectivity IP market," said Jim Venable, senior vice president of Palmchip Corporation. "StorSelect DS' innovative and advanced technology has already proven popular with our customers and has been licensed by two chipmakers for use in upcoming product releases."

Pricing and Availability

StorSelect DS is available now. Please contact Palmchip for pricing at 408-952-2007.

About Palmchip

Palmchip Corporation develops and licenses configurable SoC platforms, subsystems, and IP cores for embedded SoC's used in a variety of applications. Palmchip's IP is based on its CoreFrame(R) integration technology. This technology is independent of processor, I/O or foundry, allowing designers flexibility in porting IP from any number of sources. Palmchip was established in 1996 and is today a privately held company based in San Jose, California (USA). More information can be obtained at

Palmchip, the palm leaf logo and CoreFrame are registered trademarks of Palmchip Corporation. StorSelect DS, DriveSelect, and SpeedSelect are trademarks of Palmchip Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners













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