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Turbospoke™ - Spoke Powered Super Engine Sound


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Turbospoke™ - Spoke Powered Super Engine Sound!

Blockbuster toy invention by a young Irish designer to be launched in the United States at the American International Toy Fair, New York 15th – 18th Feb (TURBOSPOKE™ @ BOOTH 5166)

There are very few children who would not want to upgrade their bicycles to
produce the throaty roar of a Harley or the warble of a V8 – and now they can,
courtesy of a patented invention called Turbospoke™ that not only does just that but also has in-built safety features that provide children with added protection on the roads and hours of imaginative healthy play.

What is Turbospoke™?
Turbospoke™ harnesses the impact power of the revolving spokes on a bicycle
wheel to generate sound as they make contact with specially designed
replaceable cards. Turbospoke™ captures the sound energy produced by the card and amplifies this through an acoustic chamber and super chrome exhaust. The result is an amazing variable engine sound just like the real thing. Turbospoke™ fits in less than five minutes and requires no special tools as a full fitting pack is included with each product. Turbospoke™’s chrome exhaust can also be fully demounted in seconds for safe keeping at night.

“It’s the most fun ever on a bicycle”, says teenage inventor “Turbo” Tom Maxwell, (19) from Ireland. Turbospoke™ is that “must have” product that the toy and cycle industry has been shouting for and incorporates all the essential innovative, eye-catching and sustainable features that support its top billing at this year’s American International Toy Fair, New York from February 15-18th, 2004.

The initial response to the product when it was launched to the Cycle trade at The International Cycle Show in London and Las Vegas was overwhelming – and it was voted “Best New Product” winning the “Singletrack” award for innovation. Turbospoke™ puts the “fun” back into cycling – providing vital healthy exercise in an increasingly sedentary society. Parents will also appreciate the enhanced safety features that are integral elements of Turbospoke™. Taking up the slogan of “Be Heard, Be Seen, Be Safe”, Turbospoke™ has a large red reflector in the chrome exhaust which offers
a measurable increase in rider visibility, plus a set of reflective Turbospoke™
decals. These are complemented by the distinctive engine sound that alerts other road users and pedestrians of the bike’s presence – so important, not only for youngsters on their bikes but also for commuters and couriers as well.
And that’s not all. The young designer, Tom Maxwell, who first experimented with this idea at the age of 14 and patented the design at 17, has also created a cycling skill game which uses the 21 Team Turbospoke™ character cards that are also used in Turbospoke™. “The Turbospoke™ Skill Game” will be officially
announced in the spring of 2004 when all members of the Turbospoke™ Club
have had time to collect the remaining 18 noise-making game play cards with
their distinctive characters.

All those who purchase a Turbospoke™ will receive a “Team Turbospoke™” card wallet and a pocket-sized fact sheet which tells you more about road safety and bike maintenance and a membership card with its own unique number which allows you to gain access to the online “Turbospoke™ Club”.
The “Turbospoke™ Club” is dedicated to encouraging the benefits of “Active Play” and club members will have access to information on exercise and diet and the latest cycling news and events around the corner and across the globe.

Justin Carter, Director of market development for Turbospoke™ comments:
“Turbospoke™ is a sustainable new brand that kids will enjoy for generations
which delivers a huge amount of fun and a range of great new experiences rather than the annual diet of over-licensed, unoriginal toys. We are confident that kids and parents, given the choice, would go for Turbospoke™ – and our market feedback from all regions of the world underlines this.”

Turbospoke™ will retail at $34.99



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