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Toobeez, the new life size construction toy


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Marketed as The Ultimate Giant Construction Building Toy, Toobeez-saurus Maximus Funwithus (Toobeez) was officially introduced to homes across the United States last fall in a very successful direct to consumer sales campaign. Toobeez is the flagship product of Connectable Color Tubes, LLC, a privately held company based in Pennsylvania. Toobeez will be on display at the upcoming American International Toy Fair February 15-18 in New York City.

What’s Toobeez?

Toobeez is a “life size” construction toy that features colorful tubes and spheres that lock together at many different angles. Tube sizes range from nearly 11 inches to 3 feet and are one and a half inches in diameter, making them easy for children to handle and maneuver without presenting any choking hazards.

According to Joseph A. Donahue, founder and owner of the company and the original developer of Toobeez, “This is a natural step up from other “small piece” construction toys that kids love to play with. Our product has already captured the attention of many schools, daycare centers, children’s museums, and caring parents across America.” said Donahue. The target audience for this new and innovative product is from 4 to 104 years of age.

Toobeez helps to promote family interaction, and gives you the freedom to create whatever you can imagine. You can build many different types of structures, such as forts, castles, playhouses, mazes, obstacle courses, dollhouses, puppet theatres, soccer goals, airplanes, spaceships, or dinosaurs. The possibilities are really almost endless. As an educational tool it can also help to develop various motor skills, as well as cognitive and language skills.

A New Educational Product For Specialty Toy Stores and Educational Institutions

“Building on the success we have achieved thus far, we believe we are well positioned to gain significant market-share by focusing on the specialty toy store segment, private educational institutions, toy catalogs, and some select web retailers across America. Additionally, we are receiving international requests on a daily basis” said Donahue. To date, here’s what have some of our current Toobeez resellers and customers have said:

“We ordered our set of Toobeez in September 2003 for our 5 year old Daughter, and it has been a lot of fun so far. We like it because it encourages new creativity. The amount my family spends just on batteries for my children’s toy’s is just phenomenal. It's about time someone invented a toy that's fun, encourages thinking, and is battery-free. A parent's wishes have come true here in Minnesota!” Bob R. - Minneapolis, MN

“What we really like about the toy is that it really encourages adults and children to play together. When parents and children are playing and working together, they are going to learn together. That’s our goal – to have fun and to learn.” Jennifer Bush, Gallery Program Manager at The Please Touch Museum, Philadelphia

We position product quality, child safety, and the educational value of Toobeez as the first priorities. “The Company’s goal is to be a world-class provider of quality construction toys and entertainment for children, while demonstrating enduring social and environmental responsibility to add significant value to all,” Donahue said recently. Toobeez will be featured in booths #6248, 6233 (ASTRA), and 6261 (Night Light Works, Inc), at the upcoming American International Toy Fair February 15-18 in New York City.

About Toobeez and Connectable Color Tubes, LLC

Toobeez is the flagship product of Connectable Color Tubes (CCT), a privately held company based in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Founded in 2001 by Joseph A. Donahue, CCT specializes in the development of large construction toy lines and accessories. For more information about this patent pending product, visit the web site at If you would like to see a picture of the Toobeez-saurus visit

CCT is a member of the Better Business Bureau and the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association.






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