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Waterball(TM) Launcher


Prepare to Get Wet! Wild Planet Unleashes Waterball on the World!

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SAN FRANCISCO Feb. 12, 2003--You've got to see it to believe it! It's magical -- balls of water flying through the air! If you go to one booth at Toy Fair this year, go to Wild Planet Toys to see Waterball(TM) -- the ultimate water toy with one-of-a-kind technology that sends liquid marbles soaring. Be the first to see what the world will rave about this summer!
Waterball(TM) is just one of the amazing new toys to be unveiled by award-winning Wild Planet Toys at the International Toy Fair in New York. Renowned for its cutting-edge Spy Gear(TM) line, Wild Planet will also first introduce Spy Stealth Communicators(TM), a sleek, futuristic set of heads-up-display communicators that send text messages through walls up to 300 feet.

"We are completely dedicated to innovation," said Daniel Grossman, CEO of Wild Planet Toys. "Each of our six brands includes products that are the first and only of their kind."

Here's a "sneak peek" at what you'll find on the show floor, and at retail, this year:


Featuring one-of-a-kind newly patented technology, Waterball(TM) Launchers give you the power to send water soaring 15 to 20 feet in round, self-contained balls unlike anything you've ever seen. The sleek, futuristically-designed Waterball Launcher comes in two versions: Waterball SL 175, a single-ball launcher that projects 175 Waterballs per reservoir at a rate of up to 40 balls per minute, and Waterball DL 265, a double-ball launcher (up to 265 staggered Waterballs per fill, at a rate of 80 balls per minute).
Spy Stealth Communicators(TM)

Spy Stealth Communicators(TM), with never-before-offered features like radio-transmitted text messaging via heads-up displays, are one of five slick Spy Gear(TM) gadgets for 2003.
Jet Streamers(TM)

Dive in the water and pump out the fun with Jet Streamers(TM), the coolest new water squirter on the planet, from Wild Planet's Outdoor Antics(TM) brand launching in 2003!
O2Tronics Air Boom Box(TM)

The O2Tronics Air Boom Box(TM) is one of two inflatable products, from Room Gear(TM), equipped with flat conductive ink controls. Use your own breath to inflate it and then slide your fingers across the smooth sensors to set the radio station and adjust the volume.
Action Tracker(TM)

Action Tracker, the newest of the Undercover Girl(TM) tools, tracks movement from room to room (even through walls!) to keep you in the know.
Off The Map(TM)

Off the Map(TM), a new brand for 2003, debuts with seven essential exploration-encouraging tools.
About Wild Planet Toys

Wild Planet Toys was founded in 1993 with a mission: To create quality products that spark the imagination and provide positive experiences without relying on violence. Based in San Francisco, the company continues to wow the world with fresh, innovative products -- all thanks to kids, who are involved every step of the way to make sure Wild Planet toys are cool, hip, and most importantly, fun! Kids are at the heart of the success of Wild Planet's Spy Gear(TM), Undercover Girl(TM), Room Gear(TM), Waterball(TM), Off the Map(TM) and Outdoor Antics(TM) brands. More information on Wild Planet is available at





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