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Recovery Commander


Bring Non-Booting Windows Systems Back to Life; V Communications Ships Recovery Commander

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SAN JOSE, Calif. --(Business Wire)-- Feb. 12, 2004 V Communications, a leading developer and publisher of advanced utilities, announced today that Recovery Commander, VCOM's professional system recovery utility, is now available. Recovery Commander, currently bundled with other VCOM products, is now available as a stand-alone product. Recovery Commander specializes in bringing non-booting Windows systems back to life. Once installed, Recovery Commander backs up all key Windows files and settings, significantly surpassing Windows own System Restore feature. Unlike other recovery products, it does not change the partition type, alter the Master Boot Record nor does it require large, contiguous amounts of free space within a partition.
When a system has encountered a serious problem that has rendered it non-booting, Recovery Commander can typically restore the system to working order in less than 5 minutes, without data or application loss. Alternatively, without Recovery Commander you are often forced to restore a lengthy backup archive, or to perform a time-consuming system reformat and reload of the operating system and applications, risking the loss of vital data.

Operation is exceptionally simple. If the user's system is non-bootable, and Recovery Commander has been installed, simply rebooting the machine with the Recovery Commander bootable CD and you can quickly and easily restore the machine to the last known working configuration. In addition, if you have a non-booting system with Windows XP installed, and have not yet installed Recovery Commander, you can, in most cases, boot from the Recovery Commander CD and restore the machine to the last known working configuration, provided XP's System Restore has been enabled.

Here's a brief list of Recovery Commander's features:

-- Only recovery product that also provides for data offloading to CDR or Flash.

-- Easy to use Windows console.

-- Enhanced file tracking and installation detection.

-- Can automatically or manually create checkpoints of your key system files, registry and boot record.

Recovery Commander is priced at $39.99. The product is immediately available via the Web. Volume discounts and multiple machine licenses are available. More information is available about the product at

About V Communications

V Communications has been creating solutions for users of personal computers since 1986. Its products, which are designed for a full range of PC users, are available worldwide through retail, VAR and enterprise sales channels and are widely recognized for their superior quality and reliability. The company, headquartered at 2290 North First St., Suite 101, San Jose CA, can be contacted by phone at 800-648-8266 or fax at 408-965-4014. Additional information is available on the V Communications website at or by email at




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