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Tomy games



Nohohon™, Lights Alive™, and Rumble in the Jungle™

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NEWPORT BEACH, CA (Feb 10, 2004) - Over the past few years, TOMY has re-entered the game category reinvigorated, and proved itself a true player with the release of hits like Circuit Breaker, Captain Hooks' Shipwreck! ™ and officially licensed Iron Chef® Games. Now TOMY, the fifth largest toy company in the world, will debut several exciting original games and activities at Toy Fair, including Rumble in the Jungle™, Screwball Scramble™, Nohohon™, and the highly anticipated Lights Alive™ in addition to continuing to improve upon their 'new' perennial favorites like Pop-Up Pirate! ™.

"TOMY is delving deeper into the Games and Activities category this year, introducing innovative games with skill and action themes, as well as products with a technological twist," said Koji Otsuka, President of TOMY Corporation. "These categories will be supported with a fall TV ad campaign because we believe that this will continue to be an emergent category," said Otsuka. "This year, our designers have really pushed the boundaries of ingenuity and innovation in this product group."

Lights Alive™ is a unique activity toy that combines technology with a favorite play pattern - drawing. It's like making your very own neon sign, but better. Your drawings can light up and come alive by flashing, moving or bouncing! Lights Alive comes with a variety of colored markers and stencils, which you can use to create magic on the erasable white board.

Once you have completed your masterpiece, snap down the safety cover to activate Lights Alive magic technology, and let the fun begin! You can choose 5 different sequences of moving patterns, and combine them with 5 flashing patterns and speeds, making your drawing come alive in a multitude of possible ways. If you want to add to it, just life the front cover, edit, and snap the lid back when you are done - the unit will not operate unless the safety lid is in place. You really must see Lights Alive in action to believe it! Recommended for ages 7 and up.

Nohohon™ is a perfect example of TOMY's ingenuity. These adorable, almost cartoonish bald -headed critters use sunlight to power their perpetual motion, as its' head relaxingly sways back and forth. These calming companions have already sold over 1,000,000 units in Japan, as everyone seems to love their endless, soothing movement. TOMY will also be debuting their first licensed Nohohon characters in the fall. Targeted to kids from ages 5 to 137.

Pop-Up Pirate! ™ is a barrel of fun for the whole family! Push the pirate into his barrel, select your favorite color swords, and then take turns sliding a sword into the barrel slots. But beware - if the pirate pops-up, you're OUT! The last remaining player is the winner.

Rumble in the Jungle™ is a tumbling, stumbling, tropical adventure in search of the golden monkey!

Screwball Scramble™ is a topsy-turvy race against the clock to maneuver a crazy course.

TOMY Corporation is the North American division of TOMY COMPANY, Ltd., the second largest toy company in Japan and fifth largest in the world. 2004 marks the 80th Anniversary of the prospering global toy company. TOMY designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of innovative interactive and educational toys. For 80 years, TOMY has been making toys that teach, build, excite, and enrich the lives of children, adults and families. Core brands include Micro-Entertainment: MicroPets, My Little Baby, MicroDancers, MicroSports, Microids and Micro- Places; TOMY brand infant and preschool toys; Tomica World (die-cast vehicles); ZOIDS; Thomas the Tank Engine License Products; Pokémon; and Disney infant and preschool toys.

Micro-Entertainment is the newest addition to TOMY's suite of successful brands. It started with a set of tiny robotic pets, MicroPets™, whose instant popularity pushed sales of the product past 7 million pieces in two short years, and in turn revolutionized the Micro-Entertainment industry, and bestowed upon it massive credibility. TOMY saw the opportunity in this burgeoning category, and began working on creating an entire Micro-Entertainment empire, which has already begun to follow in the footsteps of the red hot MicroPets. Check back often to for updates about new product launches and product sites, and additions to our supporting consumer websites, including and




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