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Funcom announces 'Anarchy Online - Alien Invasion


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OSLO, Norway --(Business Wire)-- Feb. 12, 2004 -Prepare for the MMORPG sci-fi experience of the year-
Following the critically acclaimed and award-winning 'Anarchy Online -Shadowlands', Funcom today announces 'Anarchy Online - Alien Invasion'. Set for release this summer, the next chapter in the Anarchy Online saga further strengthens the sci-fi aspects of Anarchy Online, making the game even more unique compared to current and forthcoming offerings within the Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) genre.

In 'Anarchy Online - Alien Invasion' Funcom once again offers a game full of innovative features and fun gameplay elements. Not only will the social aspects be greatly improved, with players being able to construct their own towns, set up unique shops and build impressive organization headquarters, they also get their action quota filled when they come face to face with aliens wielding superior technology.

The new alien menace threatens all of the citizens of Rubi-Ka as the planet is suddenly invaded. A massive call to arms is sounded across the planet as the players rally to defend their own cities against the alien hordes. The players can also fight their way into the heart of invading spaceships, gaining riches, fame and power.

"With 'Anarchy Online - Alien Invasion' we continue our focus on fun and fast-paced gameplay within a sci-fi setting", says Game Director Marius Enge, and continues: "While Anarchy Online is already considered to be one of the best MMORPG's on the market, we believe that the exciting new features in Alien Invasion will take it to a whole new level"

Additionally, a new line of flying vehicles will be made available, as well as new items, weapons, armour, social clothes and quests.

Feature Highlights

-- Defend your cities against invading aliens

-- Get access to alien perks and new special abilities

-- Board and attack alien spaceships

-- Build impressive looking organization headquarters

-- Construct a wide variety of player-made houses

-- Build your own towns with distinct looks

-- Create your own shops

-- Gain benefits by owning houses, shops, towns and organization headquarters.

-- Get access to a completely new trade skill interface

-- Own a new line of personal flying vehicles

-- Obtain new weapons, armour, social clothes, items and quests

-- And more...

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About Funcom - Funcom is an independent developer and publisher of computer and console games with a focus on single-player adventure games and online role-playing games. Funcom continues to expand its track-record of more than 23 games to date. Recent successes include the multi-award winning The Longest Journey, and the award winning and critically acclaimed Anarchy Online - The Notum Wars (Expansion pack of the year 2002, CGW) and Anarchy Online - Shadowlands (11 Editor's Choice Awards, Expansion pack of the year 2003, For corporate information please visit




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