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Save Money on Doctor-Strength Glycolic Peels


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Hollywood, CA - There’s no need for anyone to break his or her bank account on professional skincare anymore according to Rose Murray, co-owner of Those who have spent hundreds and thousands of dollars on professional spas and facials understand the frustration of forking out tons of money for high quality treatments such as glycolic peels. “That’s why we started Peels2go, so everyone can afford good quality products for something as important as their skin and body”. offers doctor-strength glycolic peels and products at wholesale prices to the public. At a spa or salon, one glycolic peel would cost an average of $65. At Peels2go, the average price for 24+ glycolic peels is under $30. Each order comes with a free fan brush for easy application and a easy-to-follow instruction sheet.

Accommodating all skin types from normal to dry to oily to sensitive, the advanced high quality glycolic acid at Peels2go encourages the skin to regenerate new skin cells, showing a marked diminishment of fine lines and wrinkles, increased elasticity, minimized pores, increased elasticity, minimized pores, as well as improvement to the texture of the skin. Formulated to repair damaged skin by exfoliating dead skin cells and stimulating natural collagen production, the powerful ingredients achieve incredible changes that slow down the aging process, evens out skin tone, assists with breakouts, improves texture and leaves the skin glowing and soft to touch.

To learn more about Peels2go and to discover the finest glycolic skincare available, please visit

Company: Peels2Go
Address: 6121 Sunset Blvd.
Zipcode: 90028
City: Hollywood
Country: USA
Tel: 310-356-6995
Fax: 310-356-6995














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