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Company: Frontier Technologies Corp.
Address: 1800 N W Street
Zipcode: 20006
City: Washington
Country: USA
Tel: 703-734-1224

Lithuania's Public Sector chooses E-Lock ProSigner for e-
document exchange

Frontier Technologies Corporation (E-Lock) today announced that its
flagship product E-Lock ProSigner would be used by Lithuania's Public
Sector for electronically signing documents.

Lithuania's Information Society Development Committee (IVPK) was
responsible for the project. E-Lock's partner in Lithuania - Santa
Monica Networks - was instrumental and played a key role in liaising
with IVPK, participating in a public tender and eventually delivering
the E-Lock solution to public sector institutions via IVPK.

The first phase of the project commenced in 2003 with a pilot project
using E-Lock ProSigner. Five public institutions began to exchange E-
documents. They were the Government Chancellery, the Transport
Ministry, the Economics Ministry, the Department of Archives and the
Information Society Development Committee. In the second phase (end
of 2004), approximately 20 Lithuanian public institutions will be
using E-signature services.

"IVPK, as a project manager of e-signature and e-documents project in
Lithuanian Public Sector was looking for an easy to use solution,
implementing open standards (PKCS#7) and with a free verification
utility for digitally signed documents, which could be easily
integrated in to office systems" said Gytis Nemanis, from the
Information Society Development Committee (IVPK).

"As our Lithuanian Public Sector shifts towards e-Government and
starts digital signing of documents, it is important that the
electronic signature solution addresses the key issues of
authentication, data integrity and non-repudiation" said Tauras
Talandis, Technical Center Manager of Santa Monica Networks,
Lithuania. "E-Lock's solution is simple to use for end users and
powerful behind the scenes, which provides an ideal mix of user
friendliness combined with strong backend security."

"We are pleased that IVPK has chosen E-Lock ProSigner for its state
wide signature requirements," said Dr. Nimish Shah, VP Business
Development for E-Lock. "Over the past year, E-Lock Solutions - which
are compliant with the EU digital signature law - have witnessed a
rapid deployment across government, financial and other organizations
in Europe. IVPK's selection of our product attests to the quality and
reliability of our digital signature solution."

About E-Lock
Frontier Technologies is a privately owned corporation headquartered
in McLean, VA (US). Frontier Technologies entered the PKI and
Security market in 1997 by launching the E-Lock range of digital
signature products. The digital signature solutions developed by E-
Lock have been used by former US President Bill Clinton to digitally
sign the US E-Sign Act that legalizes digital signatures, and by
Bulgarian President Petar Stoyanov to electronically sign the
Bulgarian Electronic Document and Signature Act. E-Lock's customer
base spans countries such as the UK, Australia, Greece, Spain, Hong
Kong and others. E-Lock products are used across Government
organizations in the US, UK, Peru, Australia, Portugal and Malaysia.

For more information, please visit

About Santa Monica Networks
Santa Monica Networks is a well positioned and technically strong IT
company based in Lithuania; it belongs to the group of IT companies,
under the same name - Santa Monica Networks - in all three Baltic
States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania). It has been active in
Lithuanian, Estonian and Latvian markets for over 10 years and has
accumulated valuable experience in the wide area of data
communication and IT security solutions. The company's focus has been
on Public / Government institutions, Financial Institutions and
Service Providers. With strategic partnerships with world class
vendors such as Cisco, Check Point, Nokia, RSA Security, Juniper
Networks and Hewlett Packard among others, Santa Monica Networks is
positioned to deliver reliable solutions and services to suit a
variety of requirements and tailored to the clients exact

For more information, please visit

Company: Pictures Software, Inc
Address: Moskovskaya, 189 - 14
Zipcode: 610050
City: Kirov
Country: Russian Federation
Tel: +7 8332 410011
Fax: +7 8332 410011

Photo Slideshow Builder has been released

If you have a lot of still pictures turn them into dynamic slideshow.
Photo Slideshow Builder will help you to create self-running
slideshow and burn it on CD or DVD. Wizard will guide you through the
process of creating your digital photo album. Besides, you can make
screensavers and screensaver install programs ready for distribution.

This slideshow maker uses many fade effects to make your pictures
come to life. It uses 2D hardware acceleration that any computer has
including old models of notebooks. So the created slideshows do not
require any special hardware, software or files for running. All of
your pictures and music files are included in your stand-alone .EXE
or .SCR file. In a few minutes you can make a professional-level
slideshow presentation for sending it out to all of your friends and
members of family. This is a great way to document your family
history. You can put text labels onto your photos, put your logo
images and provide your presentation with background images or
background color.

You can select music to accompany your digital photo album and
synchronize background sound with pictures. You can use pictures of
any picture format including new JPEG2000 and audio files of the most
frequently used audio formats. This software allows you to take
simple photos and turn them into works of art. You will get
professional level results without knowing much about photography and
computers. Try Photo Slideshow Builder for free.

Company: Stepmiles, inc
Address: 4349 sheridan avenue, suite 7
Zipcode: 33140
City: miami beach
Country: USA
Tel: 1 305 951 1272

What is search engine marketing today ?

Despite the common belief, search engine marketing refers to both
advertising and optimization methods. To most marketers, the internet
advertising is to have control over your position, keywords, listing
copy and visitors landing pages while the optimization requires
designing a web site that can be easily crawled, indexed and well
ranked by Yahoo, MSN, Google and the others. Here is a summary of the
different types of SEM services.

First and most popular is the Search engine advertising. This type of
advertising includes the Pay-per-Click and contextual advertising. By
paying your guaranteed a placement on the result pages of the search
site and within its distribution network. The major players on this
market are Google Adwords and Overture in North America and Espotting
in Europe.

The key factors of search engine advertising for a successful
campaign are: an in-depht Keyword research to reach the target market
and the bid price, it is not always worth bidding more than the
competition. As usual creating an ad copy that is appealing for your
prospects will be a plus.

The second type of advertising is the famous paid submission to
directories. This marketing program implies that the website owners
pay for a human based review of their sites. Remember that the
inclusion is not always guaranteed, you could pay your submission to
Yahoo! directory but if the editor in charge of your industry
believes that your site does not carry much value for the internet
user it won't be included, no refund. To have your website included
in the major internet directories at least be sure to select the
apropriate category, too many submissions are rejected because the
submitter believes that paying for the service, the directory editors
will find out where to include the site: no way.

The search engine optimization is the fast growing market. The
organic also called natural results is about designing a search
engine-friendly website to maximize the odds to appear on the top
result pages for the chosen keywords - key phrases. It is a science
of key-words placement, content enhancement, site structure and link
popularity campaign to reach a top ranking. The search engine
optimization has been often forgotten by business developers but is
the major asset of a search engine marketing campaign. A successful
SEO campaign will always include the website code compliance, a
strategic keyword placement on your pages and the creation of
incoming links to your site.

The price engines, also called aggregators make it easier for the
online shoppers to find information about products, associated
prices, shipping rates and availability. Famous on the US market are:
Bizrate, PriceGrabber, Dealtime, Yahoo! Shopping and Froogle
(Google), they offer a broad range of pricing and features.

Developing a website, product or brand, especially when your business
use to be strictly off-line, may involve some risks and for sure some
investment. For your search engine marketing campaign, as a business
owner or a marketing specialist you should consider implementing the
best practices on the market and make sure that all your efforts are
going towards success.

Company: Avalon Travel Publishing
Address: 1400 65th St., Suite 250
Zipcode: 94608
City: Emeryville, CA
Country: USA
Tel: 250-595-3664
Fax: 250-595-4228

Paradise Found: Moon Handbooks South Pacific

Avalon Travel Publishing announces the release of the 8th edition of
Moon Handbooks South Pacific by David Stanley. This 1091-page travel
guide describes and maps Tahiti and French Polynesia, Pitcairn,
Easter Island, the Cook Islands, Niue, Tonga, the Samoas, Tokelau,
Wallis and Futuna, Tuvalu, Fiji, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, and the
Solomon Islands.

The 119 town plans and island maps are carefully labeled, without the
confusing numbered map keys found in other guidebooks. For ease of
reference, all internet and email addresses are now embedded in the

Moon Handbooks South Pacific highlights scuba diving, snorkeling,
surfing, windsurfing, kayaking, yachting, cruising, hiking, fishing,
and golf. Beaches, sightseeing, transportation, and places to stay
and eat are thoroughly covered, as are the histories, economies,
environments, cultures, and peoples of the Pacific region. A
comprehensive 25-page index ties it all together.

Author David Stanley has been writing about the South Pacific for
over 25 years. Paul Theroux called his handbook "the most user-
friendly travel guide to the South Pacific," and it remains the
leading guidebook to the Pacific islands.

About Moon Handbooks South Pacific
The 8th edition of Moon Handbooks South Pacific (ISBN 1566914116) was
published by Avalon Travel Publishing of Emeryville, California, in
December, 2004. Priced at US$24.95, the handbook is distributed in
the United States by Publishers Group West, in Canada by Publishers
Group Canada, in Europe by HI Marketing, London, and in Australia and
New Zealand by Bookwise International. For more information, visit

Company: Hotel Sales Online
Address: 57 Ferrybank
Zipcode: none
City: Arklow
Country: Ireland
Tel: +353-402-31314

Travel Search Engines Turn Up the Heat for Hotels

The hotel industry, already struggling to cope with the popularity of
Internet reservations among customers, now faces further pressure
from the development of 'Travel Search'. Travel search engines are a
new development in Internet travel, and include Sidestep
(, Yahoo's Farechase ( and
Mobissimo (, with AOL planning to launch its own
travel search engine in 2005. They operate like referral services,
searching the Internet for the lowest prices and receiving a
commission for every sale they make.

The price transparency that travel search engines make possible puts
additional price-pressure on hoteliers, who are already paying
commissions on an increasing percentage of their bookings coming
through online travel agents such as Travelocity, Expedia and Orbitz.

"By using travel search engines, customers can now scan the lowest
prices available for a particular city or hotel", said Graham
Caswell, CEO of Hotel Sales Online, an Internet marketing company
specialising in the hotel industry. "The whole business model of
travel search is to help the consumer find the lowest possible price,
so this development can only increase price competition in the hotel

"Everybody wants the lowest possible price and its easy to compare
hotel room prices, especially on the Internet", said Caswell. "The
problem is that every hotel is different, and offers different
facilities, different levels of service and a different location. In
order to emphasise these differences and avoid having their hotel
rooms turned into commodities, hoteliers must communicate with the
customer directly", he said.

The Internet has revolutionized hotel marketing, as more and more
hotel customers prefer to book online. However many hoteliers,
particularly from individual hotels and small hotel groups, have
found it difficult to connect with Internet customers directly and so
rely on various travel intermediaries for an increasing percentage of
their bookings.

Company: info vilesilencer
Address: PO BOX 3422
Zipcode: 2000
City: Sydney
Country: Australia

Info vilesilencer: home of the free directory list and other
SEO resources

Info vilesilencer has decided to release some of the most valuable
webmaster and SEO resources to assist other designers in promoting
their websites and businesses. These free tools are designed to give
webmaster's the edge when optimising and promoting their websites,
all in an easy-to-use interface.

Recently the recipient of the SitePro News 'Site of the Day' and part
of SitePro's 'most valuable web resources' the information contained
on info vilesilencer is not to be missed. The site includes:

- A comprehensive list of over 300 web directories which are
all completely free to submit your websites to. That's 300+ one-way
links pointing directly to your site. Categorised both Alphabetically
and via Page Rank, it is the largest list of it's kind and is
regularly updated and maintained to removed dead/broken links and add
new ones. You simply will not find a better list of directories on
the web anywhere.

- Supplementary lists of reciprocal and specialised niche
directories, for those that want to submit to industry and regional
specific directories and get involved in communities and link

- A User Agent List complete with IP addresses that identifies
all the bots, crawlers, and spiders that trawl the web indexing
websites. Unsure of what a bot is that just appeared in your logs?
Info Vilesilencer's list will answer your question.

- A host of links to other powerful and free SEO resources,
such as in-depth pagerank explanations, SEO forums, link exchanges,
and Web design & development information.

If you are looking to promote and market your site on the web, start
with info vilesilencer. All the resources are free and will get your
websites and business off to a flying start.

Company: Dotcom Monitor Website Monitoring
Address: 2950 Xenium Lane N Suite 104
Zipcode: 55441
City: Plymouth
Country: USA
Tel: 888-479-0741
Fax: 888-794-3554

Dotcom-Monitor Expands Website Monitoring in Germany

Dotcom-Monitor, the leader and innovator in advanced website
monitoring services, today announced the debut of its new monitoring
station in Frankfurt, Germany. The station, one of nine in a network
owned and operated by Dotcom-Monitor around the world, creates an
even greater degree of assurance for the company’s e-business,
Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Application Service Provider
(ASP) clients that their Internet services are performing at maximum

Dotcom-Monitor, since its founding in 1998, has grown to become a
pioneer in Internet and website Quality of Service (QoS) assurance.
The company’s success is the result of its sophisticated monitoring
and analytical capabilities that go far beyond typical connectivity
tests. Dotcom-Monitor’s checks include such detailed procedures as
server response reading, content error analysis, and performance
measurement; pricing begins at just $9.99 per month for single site
monitoring, making Dotcom-Monitor’s services within reach of even the
most modest e-businesses.

“Internet performance for online businesses can be extremely
deceptive. A website—or Internet access, in the case of ISPs—can be
perfect over a browser at the home office, yet unacceptably slow or
even non-existent in other regions,” said Vadim Mazo, founder and
chief technical officer of Dotcom-Monitor. “Our new website
monitoring and network monitoring station in Frankfurt/Germany gives
our clients additional peace of mind that their Internet businesses
are running as planned around the world. If not, we can provide
analysis regarding specific performance problems.”

In addition to its newest website monitoring point, Dotcom-Monitor
maintains stations in USA, UK, China and Canada. The round-the-clock
service includes automatic client notification via phone, pager, or
email whenever performance deviates from pre-established norms.

Application, Network Assurance

For any business that depends on the Internet for its success,
Dotcom-Monitor is a highly cost-effective “performance insurance
policy.” Application monitoring, network monitoring, and website
load testing are just some of the e-business services provided by the
company; by employing Dotcom-Monitor’s offerings, companies can
easily and inexpensively validate QoS and SLA (Service Level
Agreement) requirements.

Dotcom-Monitor provides extensive reporting in real-time using
graphical charts that explain success/failure rates for specific
performance checks, response/download times, uptime/downtime, load
variations by hour/day/week and much more. For e-commerce sites,
Dotcom-Monitor will measure quality of service for each phase of the
transaction process as well as performance comparisons among
different geographic areas.

Free 30-Day Trial
Dotcom-Monitor offers a free 30-day trial of its website monitoring
services for a single website. For a full description of the
company’s services and pricing options, visit http://www.dotcom- or .

About Dotcom-Monitor:
Dotcom-Monitor is the leader and innovator in advanced website
monitoring and network monitoring services. Since its birth in 1998,
Dotcom-Monitor has saved over 2,000 companies money by insuring
maximum website uptime—at a cost up to 50% less than other services.
Dotcom-Monitor watches businesses from the outside by simulating
real-world, end-user actions. The company ensures that clients are
open for business around the world, 24 hours a day. No additional or
no hardware is required to use Dotcom-Monitor’s services. For more
about Dotcom-Monitor, go to or .

Company: 3B Software Inc.
Address: PO Box 889
Zipcode: 75115
City: DeSoto
Country: USA
Fax: 214-216-4001

New Product Release: Spyware Protection Pro

Spyware Protection Pro scans your hard disk to find spyware and
adware installed on your PC. When you delete this information it will
make your PC and Internet run faster. Spyware Shield: Spyware
Protection Pro is designed to protect your PC from further
occurrences of spy and adware. Just like virus protection, Spyware
Protection Pro uses specialized algorithm signatures to identify any
spy or adware applications trying to penetrate your computer system.
Spyware Protection Pro has many features: Spyware Shield, Deep Scan,
Quick Scan, Live Updates, and a Scan Scheduler.

For more information please goto this website:

To download a trial version please go here:

Company: DS Development SRL
Address: 28 Oltenitei
Zipcode: 76804
City: Bucharest
Country: Romania
Tel: 0040-745-872549
Fax: 0040-745-872548

Bells & Whistles for Outlook Removes the Daily Frustrations of
Email Users

DS DEVELOPMENT has released version 2.0 of their email productivity
software, Bells & Whistles for Outlook, a time-saving Outlook add-in
which removes the daily frustrations of Outlook users by automating
repetitive tasks.

Bells & Whistles for Outlook helps users to quickly reply to emails
by automatically inserting personalized email reply greetings, reply
subject counters, text templates or even silent email notes. During a
one-time configuration process, users can easily pre-define the reply
message format or automatic BCC, Forward or Reply-To addresses that
will be smoothly applied to every outgoing email. For Microsoft
Outlook 2003 users, Bells & Whistles enables the missing Outlook
feature designed for automatically inserting replied addresses to the
Outlook Contacts book.

For those users dealing with a large amount of emails, Bells &
Whistles introduces a new Outlook email concept: text notes attached
to Inbox emails. Users can insert these notes to quickly assign
comments, ideas or any text to a related email message, thus saving
them from dealing with an external, unrelated notes tool. To further
increase Outlook productivity, Bells & Whistles allows users to add
fully customizable tracking IDs, date & time stamps or a list of
previously attached files on every email thread.

Using Bells & Whistles, Outlook power users can easily insert their
most used text patterns into outgoing emails, such as contact
information, service details, web page addresses, signatures or any
other predefined text template. For their convenience, users can
define quick keyboard shortcuts for every text template and they can
apply custom font styles for their templates. Bells & Whistles
assists users in generating quick mail merge sessions, by creating
separate email messages based on each email address inserted into the
BCC field of an outgoing email. For collaboration purposes, users can
also select to always send a BCC email to a specified address, for
each message that is going to be sent.

To meet the demands of many Outlook users, Bells & Whistles for
Outlook offers an easy way to allow or deny Outlook to open email
file attachments. Moreover, for security reasons, users can also
password protect the Outlook file extension blocking list.

Bells & Whistles works with any version of Microsoft Outlook,
starting with Microsoft Office Outlook 2000. It installs itself as an
Outlook add-in and it can be easily accessed from the Outlook Tools
menu. For better Outlook management, Bells & Whistles for Outlook is
delivered with an Outlook Add-in Utility designed for helping users
to quickly enable or disable installed Outlook add-ins. Bells &
Whistles for Outlook passed the Microsoft VeriTest verification tests
for the Windows Client and Microsoft Office Platform Test.

New features include email notes, personalized reply greetings,
customizable time and date stamps, text template shortcuts, Outlook
attachment blocking options and more.

Bells & Whistles for Outlook is available directly from DS
Development SRL. An electronic-only version with complete manual and
tutorials costs $19.95 (US). Site licenses are available. Bells &
Whistles v2.0 runs under Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4.0, Windows 2000, 2003
or XP, being supported by Microsoft Office Outlook 2000 or higher.
Visit the DS Development home page at to download a fully-functional
trial copy of Bells & Whistles for Outlook.

Company: Antol
Address: Izmaylovo 6
Zipcode: 10503
City: Moscow
Country: Russian Federation
Tel: 1669974
Fax: 1669974

One-click BackUp for WinRAR - Handy Utility Makes Daily
Backups Easy.

Anatoliy Kovalenko has released One-click BackUp for WinRAR 2.0, a
powerful Windows utility that simplifies the management of backup

The program allows you to create an unlimited number of presets
containing dozens of settings. Each preset can be quickly loaded by
clicking on a corresponding shortcut.

The most prominent feature of the program is that it doesn't use
amateurish algorithms of file compression - OCB completely relies on
WinRAR. WinRAR is a powerful and widespread file archiver. RAR files
can usually compress content 8 to 30 percent better than ZIP ones,
providing better file safety and secrecy. Most home and corporate
users have already switched from ZIP to RAR, and it was a handy
backup shell utility that they all waited for. OCB is completely
compatible with the latest WinRAR version. It's capable of creating
ZIP and RAR archives, as well as self-extracting EXE archives - you
won't need any software at all to extract your files.

OCB provides all key features of WinRAR: password-protected archives,
volumes, various methods of compression and more. Besides, OCB allows
you to store archives in different places to increase the safety of
your files. The program supports the following devices: hard drives,
USB/flash drives, floppy drives, ZIP drives, CD-R/RW drives
(WinXP/2003 only), remote network disks, FTP servers and SMTP servers
(send archive to a mailbox).

The program has an internal scheduler, which can be used to execute
certain backup tasks at defined time and repeat it with a desired
time interval. Moreover, it supports command line, so you can also
use OCB with external schedulers, such as Windows Task Manager.

OCB has a remote control feature for system administrators. You can
start, stop, schedule or unschedule backup tasks remotely from any
computer connected to Internet or LAN. The remote control makes it
possible for you to see all program responses in real-time, the
complete log and the schedule list being also available. Remote
control can be also used to reboot, shutdown or hibernate the
computer immediately or at desired time.

Price and Availability.
One-click BackUp is distributed in two versions: Standard and
Professional. The former was designed mainly for home users, its
limited set of features costs only $19.95 (USD); the latter has no
limitations and costs $29.95 (USD) for a single-user license with
free upgrades. Various discounts are available ($4.35 discount for
those who buy WinRAR+OCB bundle). The program can be ordered online
at A fully functional trial version is also

Address: 18b Charles street, Mayfair
Zipcode: W1J 5DU
City: London
Country: UK
Tel: +44 (0)207 667 6880
Fax: +44 (0)207 667 6400

The best ever candidate application blunders

If you intend making a career move in the New Year, be sure to avoid
these clangers! Earlier this year, the niche job
board for management and business consultants, ran a competition to
uncover some of the worst application and interview blunders ever to
have been seen by recruiters in the management consultancy sector.
Some absolute gems were revealed and in the run up to the holiday
season we thought we would share the best of them with you.

Joint 1st Prize Winners:
“An MBA candidate was out to lunch for a final interview with the
Managing Partner. The candidate spilled soup on his tie. No big deal,
right? Mistakes happen? In this case, the candidate proceeded to lick
the soup off his tie. Interview over.”

* * *

“Candidate sent CV without realising his EX girl friend!!! had
annotated the hobbies and interests section and personal details to
include the following interests. Beer Drinking, Belching and Farting,
Generally laying around and barking orders from the sofa, picking
nose and eating it and picking up random women in bars...”


“I was interviewing a graduate applicant for Management Consultancy
along with one of my colleagues from Business Consulting. I
introduced myself as Head of Recruitment and then my colleague
introduced himself as a Senior Consultant. The graduate then turned
to my colleague and said "Well thank goodness you're here - these HR
types don't know anything about business". Needless to say I didn't
recommend him to the next stage!”

* * *

“We asked a candidate to describe his ideal role. He replied "High
salary, easy work and around the corner from home". Refreshingly
honest, but he did not get the role.”

* * *

“A candidate who met with me dressed perfectly well then turned up
for the interview with our management consultancy client wearing a
Purple suit, brown shirt with a yellow tie - the meeting was very

* * *

“Spelled his own name wrong.”

* * *

Our thanks go to everyone who submitted an entry and congratulations
to the following firms for providing the winning entries: Unisys, BEA
Systems, Capgemini, Novell, Quorum International, Moliere Ltd, Prime
Partnership, LWS Communications Ltd, Match Recruitment UK Ltd, cahro
Ltd and Q4 Recruitment Consultancy Ltd.

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