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Company: ExploreTalent
Address: 8033 Sunset Blvd #580
Zipcode: 90028
City: Los Angeles
Country: USA
Tel: 323-790-0517 x 210
Fax: 323-468-9190
url:, the Internet’s largest Talent resource and
promotional website announces that it now offers 290,000 models,
actors, and other amazing Talent nationwide, the ability to promote
themselves and further their careers through their Online Talent
portal located at

Explore Talent offers models, actors and other Talent two levels of
self-promotion capabilities, each with its own array of tools that
can be easily applied to help our Talent with many of the things that
their careers depend on.

Explore Talent is a free resource as well as a paid, member-based
resource. The free portion provides Talent with a free website,
domain, bio, photo portfolio, photo scanning, full phone & e-mail
support, among other things. We also currently have over 22,000 free
resources such as agents, coaches, schools and more. Our paid
members area offers enhanced tools, databases, notification and
delivery systems, free stuff and more.

Go to ExploreTalent’s feedback page and see what Industry Casting
Directors have to say about ExploreTalent’s casting services. We
have connected more talent to castings via the Internet and hard copy
than any site on the net.

Our lists of Agents, Directors, Coaches and more grows with every
passing day. the Web’s Largest Talent Resource –
Helping Actors and Models become Stars.

Strata Ships RenderPro Network Rendering Application

Company: Strata Software
Address: 567 S. Valley View Dr.#1,
Zipcode: 84770
City: St. George
Country: USA
Tel: 435-628-5218
Fax: 435-628-9756

Strata Ships RenderPro Network Rendering Application
RenderPro users can utilize an unlimited number of computers on a
local network

Strata, the company dedicated to adding a new dimension to the
designer’s toolset, announced today that its shipping RenderPro, a
rendering application that allows users to utilize an unlimited
number of computers to assist in rendering images and animations.

RenderPro comes with a free open source network connection
application to assist users in distributing rendering files to
computers on the network. This free application uses file sharing to
create a series of “drop boxes” on the host computer that allows the
user to select computers to put to work on a project. Because the
Drop Box application is free and open source, users can customize the
code to match their situation – or even improve the program for
others to use.

The license that comes with RenderPro allows the user to install
RenderPro on an unlimited number of computers on their local area
network (LAN) as long as they have an existing valid license to
Strata 3D CX.

RenderPro has a suggested retail price of just $139. For a limited
time, Strata will make RenderPro available to existing users and new
users as part of two special offers:

Special Offer for Strata 3D CX Users
For a limited time, current owners of Strata 3D CX can purchase
RenderPro online for just $59. This special offer can be accessed by
going to the Strata store at

Special Offer for new Users
For a limited time, customers who purchase any new unit or upgrade of
Strata 3D CX will receive a free copy of RenderPro – a savings of
$139. This special offer can be accessed by going to the Strata store
at or by calling 1-800-STRATA 3D.

About Strata
Strata is a division of Corastar Inc. Corastar is a privately owned
corporation based in St. George, Utah, amid the beautiful redrock
country near Zion National Park and the Grand Canyon. Strata is
dedicated to developing and publishing powerful, easy-to-use 3D
software tools for the creative individual. For more information see, or call 800-678-7282.

Strata 3D, Strata 3Dpro, Strata 3D CX and Red Rock Revival are
trademarks of and/or licensed by Corastar Inc. All other trademarks
contained herein are the property of their respective owners.

New E-zine Service Solves "SPAM" Problem For Any Business Using E-
mail Marketing, Buffalo, N.Y. 

Company: Keep Customers Forever
Address: 70 Denrose Dr.
Zipcode: 14228
City: Amherst
Country: USA
Tel: 716 348-6095
Fax: 000 000 0000
url: announces that Mind Gold News, a
turnkey Internet information service specifically designed to help
businesses attract new prospects and gain the loyalty of existing
customers, is now available, for the first time ever, at a price far
below anything ever offered before.

Through, companies can purchase Mind
Gold News, a weekly electronic magazine (or E-zine) published by BBS
Press Service, Inc. Businesses subscribing to Mind Gold News receive
each weekly issue, pre-branded with their own company name and
contact information already in place, so the E-zine is ready to send
back out to the businesses’ own lists of customers.

Subscriptions include a free signup Webpage, where people can
subscribe to receive the free E-zine. Companies simply send their
customers to the signup Webpage and, when they sign up, send the E-
zine they receive each week to their own growing list of subscribers.
The content is focused on interviews with leading individuals in
business, motivation, and life in general, so the E-zine appeals to
literally anyone and any business.

Subscribing businesses can also access a private Webpage where they
can enter their own advertising messages or announcements that will
also be included in the next issue of Mind Gold News that arrives in
their E-mail box automatically, ready for redistribution to their own
list of customers. Subscribing businesses can use the E-zine to build
a new list of E-mail subscribers (prospects), sell products and
services (existing customers), sell advertising to other businesses
(as a business of its own), or simply to build customer loyalty by
staying in weekly touch with existing customers and clients.

Everything is done for subscribing businesses, eliminating the chore
of creating a weekly E-zine of their own.

"The days of wildly sending out blind E-mails to massive lists,
hoping to promote a business, have come to an end," said Mind Gold
News publisher Alan R. Bechtold. "With more and more businesses
entering the Web, there is more need than ever to reach customers who
are Internet users via E-mail. But, the current climate surrounding
unsolicited commercial E-mail (referred to as SPAM) has created a
number of problems for online marketers – or for any business that
wishes to use the Internet and, specifically, E-mail, to promote that

According to Bechtold, E-zines are the ideal way to use the Internet
to attract new customers, and to stay in touch with existing
customers, wrapping commercial messages around useful, compelling
content that the consumer welcomes and wants to read.

"Mind Gold News solves all the problems of E-mail marketing for
virtually any business that wishes to utilize the Internet as a part
of its marketing mix," Bechtold said. "The E-zine can also be used to
build a list of new customers. Resourceful subscribers can even build
an entire business around it, building a good-size subscriber list,
then selling their own ads in each weekly issue."

BBS Press Service, Inc., publisher of Mind Gold News, has been
publishing and distributing news and information online since 1984.
The company is one of the oldest and most respected publishers in the
world of electronic information. BBS Press Service, Inc. has been
publishing its Power Pointers Page service, which currently reaches
an estimated 200,000 Internet readers every week, for more than three
years. Mind Gold News, the company’s newest electronic publication,
is expected to reach even more readers in a very short time.

To learn more about Mind Gold News and what it can do for your online
business, including a sample issue, visit Mr. Bechtold is available for
interviews. If you would like to discuss the Mind Gold News with him,
contact to arrange an appointment.

More than just VOIP

Company: Inet Telecoms Ltd (Voipfone)
Address: 227 Marsh Wall
Zipcode: E14 9SD
City: London
Country: UK
Tel: 08707606064
Fax: 08707606064

Voipfone, a young upstart in the Voice over IP market has launched a
one-stop shop for the communication needs of residential and business
customers including a unique range of voip broadband packages.

From today, consumers can have their broadband, voice calls, sms,
fax, web hosting and email all from one provider.

The company have drawn on it’s wealth of experience in the
convergence sector and have brought together the features of today’s
diverse telecoms market under one roof, advancing the day when
traditional analogue telephone calls and services will drop off the
wire and onto the digital backbone.

This is not just a one way conversation either. Consumers get a
geographic incoming UK telephone number of their choice so that
anyone can call them from any telephone.

Business users get a virtual PBX with 25 extensions for a fraction of
the cost of traditional solutions with the added benefit that it will
work globally.

SMS text messages can also be sent from the user’s web based control
panel, which also includes the ability to send multiple messages to a
group of users. This feature is invaluable for organisations that
need to communicate quickly and cheaply with a large number of
people. Users can elect to have the replies sent to a normal mobile
or to a virtual mobile number and receive the replies directly into
their web based account and sent to them by email.

Of course voice is primarily what VOIP is about and that has become
synonymous with cheap calls, and the company also prides itself on
offering the cheapest call rates to UK landlines and mobiles.

The Voipfone connect broadband products offer consumers an
unrestricted broadband connection and all they need to get setup with
a voip line including free calling time to over 40 countries.

This truly is the future of communications crossing interstate and
intercontinental boundaries enabling the global market place.

On the crossing of continents

Address: 61, First Floor
Zipcode: MSD010
City: Msida
Country: Malta
Tel: 00356 2122 2912
Fax: 00356 2122 2912

Cyprus is situated in the north-east Mediterranean on the crossing of
three continents - Europe, Asia and Africa. This strategic location
ensured development of the island as an international business center
with high-quality service, vast infrastructures and great deal of
entertainment facilities. Living and business conditions there are
more than comfortable. Cyprus differs from most developed countries
by its minimal crime rate, high living standards and relatively low
prices. That's why many tempted foreigners are buying real estate

For many years this island has been a second home for many people
coming from all over the world. Those who've never been to Cyprus
should really go and see what it's like. During 320 days in a year
the island is cherished by caressing sun. Cyprus is washed by waves
of Mediterranean Sea that gave life to gorgeous Aphrodite, according
to ancient Greek myths.

Foreigners can by properties or land lots for construction activities
on the invariable property right basis. Long-term rent is hardly ever
practiced in Cyprus. After setting the sale agreement the buyer will
face a simple formal procedure with the lawyer. All that is necessary
is to hand in an application to the Council of Ministers that will
approve the purchase.

Since the buyer pays the full price for the property he receives the
paper on the transfer of ownership. What are the expenditures that a
real estate buyer will face when purchasing a property in Cyprus?
Firstly, the transfer of ownership fee... It's a lump-sum paid to the
Department for Estate Registration. It constitutes around 3.9 percent
of the property price. Secondly, the annual property tax... It's
necessary to admit that real estate priced lower that 100,000 Cyprus
Pounds (around $210,000) that belongs to a private person requires no
annual property tax payments. Stamp duty on sale agreement is
estimated at 2.5 Cyprus Pounds per one thousand of value, while if
the property costs more than 100,000 the buyer will pay 2 Cyprus
Pounds per thousand. The county tax ranges from 30 to 100 Cyprus
Pounds depending on the property size. The tax covers expenses on
garbage cleaning and street lighting.

The judicial system in Cyprus inherited the British one guaranteeing
secure buyer's rights on different levels. Thus, the sale agreement
cannot be breached by anyone except for the buyer himself. The seller
is not allowed to sell, rent out or pawn the property since then.

Learn more about real estate in Cyprus by reading the articles below

Beware! Illegal real estate in Cyprus (
yprus0001.html ) Illicit regime implemented on the occupied territories allows and
promotes illegitimate buying and selling

Beating carpets and hanging linens outdoors can now cost you about
$100 in Cyprus ( )
New system of penalties will make Nicosia a beautiful European city
Author: Cameron Lindblom, Real Estate Gates ( )

Virtual Visualization Simulations Now Available to Architects at Low Rates

Company: The Magnum Group
Address: 14/6 Vasu Street
Zipcode: 600 010
City: Chennai
Country: India
Tel: +91 44 26612098
Fax: +91 44 26612098

Chennai, India: Beautiful, detailed, photorealistic computer-
generated (CAD) images of buildings in their actual surroundings are
now inexpensively available from The Magnum Group, India. The Group
leverages the lower salary structure, availability of highly trained
technical manpower and time-honored artistic skill of India to put
these images within the reach of medium and small architectural

Now these firms can compete head-on with larger firms in the
architectural marketplace. Hitherto only large firms could afford
detailed CAD visualizations with their high prices, which they
happily paid because the money spent was well worth it. The reason
is that prospective customers are always profoundly impacted when
they can view their project before it actually exists; they tend to
ascribe near-magical powers to the architects who make the miraculous
viewing possible. “Miracle-working” architects have a significantly
higher chance of being awarded important design commissions than
those with only normal professional abilities.

Because of the low price of visualization images from The Magnum
Group, all architects can now be miracle-workers.

View a sample image at
Services.htm (allow 20 seconds for the image to load with a dial-up
connection, five seconds for broadband).

The Group’s superior image quality comes from its policy of
performing detailed design. It painstakingly models even the smallest
component, such as the latch on a gate, in 3D, shunning the quick-
and-dirty 2D methods used by the majority of CAD visualizers.

About The Magnum Group:
The Magnum Group, based at Chennai, India, was started in 1986, and
is run by Lakshman Balaraman, MS (University of Michigan), B Tech
(IIT), AIA, IEEE, and R Natarajan, B Arch, Fellow of the Indian
Institute of Architects. It employs 20 people comprising engineers,
architects, technicians, draftsmen and administrative staff. It
provides CAD design services for some of the world’s largest
projects, more on which can be found at .

Prism Goes Global

Company: Prism Management Consultants
Address: 101-A, Padma Hamsa Complex,SP Road
Zipcode: 500026
City: Secunderabad
Country: India
Tel: 091-09849937589
Fax: 091-40-55492596

PRISM, derived from Professionalism is an organization comprised of
true professionals with varied knowledge and expertise. This synergy
of knowledge and skills made us to deploy end-to-end consulting
solutions for our clients, right from the business conception to its
destiny. It’s an unlimited journey and thus we maintain long-term
relationship with our clients to achieve their business goals. To
keep pace with dynamic business environment, we at PRISM believe in
professional self development and continuous learning which made us
to chase even change.

PRISM identified three major growth engines to fuels its growth in
the areas of Management Consulting, IT consulting and Outsourcing.
Our growth engines work in tandem with client’s growth engines
(Market, Technology, Organisation, People and Finance) in terms of
maintaining the equilibrium for business success. PRISM offers varied
services under the aforementioned expert areas.

Since research and innovation have been major factors in our success,
we create, commercialize and disseminate innovative business
strategies and technology to develop market-ready solutions for our
clients. Our Professional team always strives to harness knowledge to
create innovative business solutions for our clients and to develop
business strategies with significant value. Launched by Lonely Planet Author

Address: 1-5765 Turner Road, Suite 285
Zipcode: V9T6M4
City: Nanaimo, BC
Country: Canada
Tel: 1-250-756-0333
Fax: 1-250-751-1005

The original author of Lonely Planet Cuba announces the launch of, a 14-page collection of 126 travel photos of Cuba.
All photos in this picture gallery are by David Stanley, who
researched and wrote the first two editions of Lonely Planet Cuba,
published in 1997 and 2000. Stanley first visited Cuba in 1975, and
over the next four years he represented a Canadian tour company on
Isla de la Juventud, at Varadero, and in Havana. Since then, he has
revisited Cuba dozens of times.

A few of Stanley's photos originally appeared in Lonely Planet Cuba,
while the rest are published here for the first time. They offer a
cross section of Cuba, with the emphasis on "real Cuban life" rather
than the artificial world of tourism. The images are intended to
convey the atmosphere of some very special places, and the warm,
friendly people who call Cuba home.

Each page of pictures provides an introduction to a specific area,
and all photos are fully captioned. The site also features a map of
Cuba, a shopping mall with Cuban music, guides, and films, and a
selection of travel links. is now open
to visitors.

David Stanley has been writing travel guides since 1979. His
pioneering guidebooks embrace the South Pacific islands, Micronesia,
Alaska, Eastern Europe, Cuba, and parts of Canada. Stanley researched
and wrote the first three editions of Eastern Europe on a Shoestring,
Lonely Planet's first guide to Europe. Though the current 3rd edition
of Lonely Planet Cuba was updated by another writer, much of
Stanley's material remains in the guide. His travel pictures of Cuba
are now freely accessible at

Visiongain estimates that £90 million ($163m) was spent in the UK on Ringtones

Company: Visiongain
Address: 40 Tooting High St
Zipcode: SW17 ORG
City: London
Country: UK
Tel: 44 (0) 20 8767 6711
Fax: 44 (0) 20 8767 5001

According to the latest visiongain report " Mobile Music Downloads:
Analysis and forecasts, 2004-2009", Mobile music, in the basic and
limited form of ringtones, has been a key application and one of the
most successful revenue generators in the wireless internet world.
However now more sophisticated music applications, such as
downloading music files, will be greeted with the same enthusiasm and
willingness to pay.

‘True’ mobile music is divided into two segments: downloading and
streaming, both of which are still in early stages of development in
the mobile space. Visiongain believes that while streaming music has
limited potential, particularly over GPRS networks, the ability to
download full audio tracks represents a significantly more viable
long-term revenue opportunity.

With full track audio downloads, operators are not just in the
Personalisation business, they are also entering the music
distribution business. With master tapes, an operator would have to
pay 40% of gross revenue to the record label and (in the UK) 15% to
the licensing copyright organisation. A further 17.5% in VAT taxes
leaves the operator with a 40% share, which it will have to use for
hosting, customer service and marketing costs. In the face of such
slim margins, compromise between operators and record label will be

In the UK for instance, where a ringtone costs almost $5 to download,
the value of CD single sales fell by 33.6% to £64.4 million ($116.7m)
in 2003, while estimates indicate that £90 million
($163m) was spent in the UK over the same period on ringtones. Such
has been the success of the ringtones that there are rumours that
sales of ringtones will soon be included in the singles chart.

Other factors, including revenue sharing models, revenue expectations
and digital rights management, will need to be addressed before music
downloads can be positioned as an attractive, viable and profitable
service. “There is also the question of user demand and acceptance.
Through a targeted, focused approach, mobile music downloads will
help facilitate a market worth nearly $1 billion by the end of this
decade”, comments Goran Nastic, Telecoms report analysis.

The issue of revenue share will represent a major obstacle between
the mobile and the music industries. The established ringtones value
chain rarely involves music labels. “Numerous independent service
providers sell ringtones to operators, who generally take a 30-40%
cut. Once the collection society has taken its 7-15%, 45-60% remains
for the mobile operator to share between itself and its content or
technology partners”, adds Nastic.

For mobile music downloads to succeed, a number of issues need to be
resolved and hurdles overcome. Music phones will have to compete
against dedicated MP3 players that offer superior experience and
performance. Furthermore, these portable MP3 players in conjunction
with iTunes and other online music services are defining the music
space, limiting mobile operator’s pricing options for mobile music
downloads. Pricing full track downloads via the cellular channel in a
way that is both profitable and attractive to the end-user is a major

Visiongain is one of the fastest growing and most innovative
independent media companies in Europe today. Based in London, UK,
visiongain produce a host of business-2-business conferences,
newsletters, management reports and e-zines focusing on the Financial
markets, the Pharmaceutical, Telecoms industries and currently the
Defence sector.

Visiongain publish reports produced by their in-house analysts of
qualified experts in their field. Visiongain have firmly established
themselves as the first port-of-call for the business professional,
who needs independent, high quality, original material to rely and
depend on.
Visiongain also have an event division, b2b Conferences, works in
tandem with their analytical reports to provide a forum for key
issues within the Telecoms and Pharmaceutical professionals.

For more Telecommunications information, please contact our website
For information on visiongain, please visit the website:

For additional information contact:

Senh Ip
visiongain publishing
40 Tooting High St,
London SW17 ORG, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 20 8767 6711
Fax: +44 (0) 20 8767 5001

Wireless services in iraq – b2b conferences (visiongain)

Company: Visiongain
Address: 40 Tooting High St
Zipcode: SW17 ORG
City: London
Country: UK
Tel: 44 (0) 20 8767 6711
Fax: 44 (0) 20 8767 5001

Attend the visiongain’s b2b conference, wireless services in iraq -
opportunities for wireless companies in the deployment of wireless
infrastructure and services in iraq. This conference’s objective is
to provide a unique forum to discuss the technical, financial and
logistical challenges to deploy wireless services in Iraq.

Years of instability, war and economic sanctions have left Iraq with
low levels of fixed line telephony services, allowing wireless
communications to play a significant part in the country's developing
telecommunications market. Six months after the transfer of
sovereignty in Iraq investment opportunities are plenty for companies
willing to play a role in the rebuilding of Iraq’s wireless
telecommunications network. With 3 GSM licences awarded in 2004 and
opportunities in alternative wireless solutions, the need for
wireless infrastructure, masts, antennae, and mobile handsets is

This conference comprehensively examines the investment, trading and
contracting opportunities in Iraq’s wireless network. Debates will
also cover how wireless deployment projects can be managed on the
ground and how to overcome the challenges related to security and

January 26th & 27th at the Hilton Hotel, Kensington, and London. The
conference will begin January 26th with opening remarks from the
conference chairman, Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, Chairman of Talal Abu-
Ghazaleh Organization (TAGI), the largest Arab group of professional
service firms based in Jordan.

During this conference, leaders from the telecom sector will provide
an insight in the challenges in project management and infrastructure
planning and the examination of the technical options to enable the
rollout of wireless services in Iraq. The programme will cover the
opportunities for international companies to enter the Iraqi Wireless
market now and when the situation is stabilised.

Companies and organisations participating in the conference program:

Atheer Telecom Representative
Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, Chairman, TAGI
Tom Phillips, Government & Regulatory Affairs Officer, GSM

Asaad Alnajjar, Chief Strategy Officer, VoEx
Ray Heath, Head of security, Lucent Technologies
David Claridge, Managing Director, Janusian Security Management
Harry Tayler, Account Director, Inmarsat Ltd
Jonas Lindblad, Analyst, Middle East & North Africa, Pyramid Research

For more information about this event, please visit

Wireless Sport Telecom Conference 2005 – B2B Conferences (visiongain)

Company: visiongain
Address: 40, Tooting High Street
Zipcode: SW17 ORG
City: London
Country: UK
Tel: 44 (0) 20 8767 6711
Fax: 44 (0) 20 8767 5001

Attend visiongain’s b2b conference, wireless sport: exploring future
branding and revenue-generating opportunities with sport in wireless,
a unique conference where the mobile industry and the sports world
meet to discuss content and branding partnerships. Key
representatives from the sports world and mobile industry will gather
at this unique venue at Chelsea Village, home ground of the Chelsea
Football team.

With Sports fans being among the most loyal customer groups,
opportunities are plenty for the mobile operators and applications
developers to catch a share of their loyalty and turn it into
revenues. Premium sport content, delivered through a variety of new
video and messaging applications, is expected to create revenues
exceeding Euro 2.5 billion in Europe in 2009. Participants of
Wireless sport 2005 will discover how to enhance sports applications
services and market them to customers to accelerate the take off of
3G services.

Over the two days, this event will provide a comprehensive
understanding of the opportunities in delivering sports content to
mobile users, it will also tackle the specific issues related to
sports rights.

The WIRELESS SPORT CONFERENCE 2005 will take place on JANUARY 19 – 20
at Chelsea Village, London. The conference will begin January 19 with
a keynote from Roger Matthews, Head of Content Rights at Vodafone,
one of the biggest wireless players in sports.

Following are companies and organisations participating in the
conference program:

Roger Matthews, Head of Content Rights, Vodafone Group Services
Matthew Dacey, Head of Sports, Gaming and Interactive Rights, O2
Arne Rees, Head of Strategic Business Development, UEFA New Media
Jamie Hayes, Head of Applications Design and Development, 3UK
Martin Péronnet, Director of Content, Multimedia Mobile / i-mode,
Bouygues Telecom
Donna North, International Vice President and Head of Creative
Production, TWI (IMG Group)
Chris Clark, Chief Executive Officer, BT Wireless Broadband
Antti Koivula, Director, Business Development, Nokia Oyj
Claudia Pöpperl, Head of Business Development Europe, ucp morgen, &
Board member, Mobile Entertainment Forum
Al Gosling, Chief Executive, Extreme Group (Extreme Channel and
Extreme Mobile)

Complementing this conference, is a Pre-conference Interactive
Workshop (Tuesday 18th January 2005) entitled SUCCESSFULLY DELIVERING
which will be led by:

John Farmer, Co-founder & CEO, Carbon Partners (with the
participation of Colin McNeill, Director of Marketing and
Communications, Hibernian FC).

This pre-conference workshop identifies the key factors and
opportunities to deliver revenue-generating sports contents. The
workshop will allow participants to identify the tools to communicate
with sports fan bases and enhance their brand along with an in-depth
examination of the pricing and packing models to maximise the impact
of mobile sports content.

For more information about this event, please visit www.b2b-

Automatic timesheet reports with DevPlanner

Company: Fedorenko
Address: Bakulina, 11, office 125
Zipcode: 61017
City: Kharkov
Country: Ukraine
Tel: +38 067 4420983
Fax: +38 067 4420983

DevPlanner v2.0.735 hierarchical planning and estimating tool
released. This update improves reports printing look and feel. In
addition, DevPlanner provides new timesheet report. It shows time in,
time out and meal break, as well as sickness and vacation. It
calculates regular hours, overtime and weekly totals.

"Naturally, as other my colleagues, I hate filling up timesheet data
entry. DevPlanner is only tool I have ever seen, what can produce
timesheets for me." – said Anthony Pavlik, experienced Web developer.
No biometry, people just plan their day, improving estimates and
productivity. DevPlanner can reuse planning data to build accurate
weekly timesheet reports.

Time reports produced by DevPlanner are highly accurate. It uses
indirect way to calculate timesheet data. No need to enter time in
and time out, just usual daily planning. DevPlanner allows managing
tasks, their estimations and schedules. For extreme accuracy provided
tracking timer.

Drag-and-drop, one click recurring tasks insertion, self-imposed
deadlines can improve planning from the groove to interesting game.
Estimated tasks on deadline arrangement calendar can feedback about
current speed and time reserves for educational activities and other
projects. It helps identifying whenever to work at full capacity,
living other unimportant tasks, to meet project deadlines.

Management usually requires complete weekly work breakdown reports,
to review effort taken by specific task or project weekly or daily.
DevPlanner provides a good set of such reports: Weekly Tasks Review,
Weekly Work Review, COB Status Report and Completed Tasks. These
reports can show actual time spent for affected period.

DevPlanner is a shareware program and available for 30 days free at or

About Fedorenko Company
Fedorenko is an independent software development and consulting
company. Our competences are time management and productivity tools
and technologies.

2,000 Free Computer Tips to Help Remove Spyware, Increase
Productivity, Save Time

Company: Envision Programming
Address: PO Box 11592
Zipcode: 37939-1592
City: Knoxville
Country: USA
Tel: 865-691-0783

Computer help website MalekTips ( today
announced the expansion of its free computer tips library, now
numbering over 2,000 different tips. The collection now includes an
increased number of articles on pertinent subjects such as removing
adware and spyware, digital cameras and photography, the Windows XP
(c) operating system, and office productivity applications.

Thousands of viewers utilize the MalekTips computer help library each
month for questions about the Internet, virtually all versions of the
Windows (c) operating system, protecting against spyware and other
threats, software packages including word processing and multimedia,
and for digital photography help.

"Spyware and adware has become a huge threat for Internet users,"
said Andrew Malek, owner of MalekTips. "It can cost you time and
money, and create much aggravation. With our expanded anti-spyware
section, we aim to not only assist people in removing such threats,
but to help prevent threats from infecting their machines in the
first place. We provide education on what adware and spyware can do,
advice on smart computer and web habits, and how to use advanced
features of publicly available protection software."

Some of the latest advice on MalekTips includes:

* Downloading and using a wide variety of anti-spyware tools
* Taking better wildlife photography with your digital camera
* Customization tips for Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook to help
increase your productivity
* Using advanced features of Internet search engines to help find
what you need faster
* Fixing web browser home and search pages after cleaning a spyware

About MalekTips
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Electric Power Generation By Magnetic Tapes

Company: Electric Power Production From Magnetic Tapes
Address: 104 - 106 Kremou Street
Zipcode: 176-76
City: Kallithea, Athens
Country: Greece
Tel: +30-210-9590530

An individual person called Basil Dimitropoulos,
who is a graduate Electrical Engineer with specialization in Magnetic
Recording Applications, has long announced that he developed a
project that concerns Electric Power Production From Magnetic Tapes.
This electromotive system affects directly the Global Home Appliances
Industry and Transportation Industry, resulting in portable and
mobile power supplies for Household Devices and Electric Vehicles. It
is an Entirely Environment-Friendly energy source of very low cost.

Currently, he has focused his attention on the Changing Of The Energy
Trends about the After-Oil Age, in accordance with the expected Legal
Settlement between the fuels industry and the Rest of Us. Low Oil
Prices are subject to legal negotiations between the OPEC and oil-
importing nations.

It is ABSOLUTELY LEGAL to tell OPEC that the Global Economy Does Not
Need The Oil. It is NOT needed ANY engineering degree, in order for
anyone to spread the word out: - Electric Power
Generation By Magnetic Tapes.

IF THERE IS Terrorist Action against anyone, THEN the Court Of Crimes
(flagrante delicto) INTERVENES in Ex Officio.

ALL THE Judicial Officials around the World KNOW THAT the natural gas
companies are THE ACCESSORY before the fact (they are the CULPRITS of
the "war on terrorism").

For more information, please visit:
Contact Person: Mr. Basil Dimitropoulos,
TEL: +30-210-9590530

EMPACT Software Suite Gives SMBs Affordable, Automated E-Marketing

Company: mUrgent Corporation
Address: 1450 N. Tustin Ave., suite 230
Zipcode: 92705
City: Santa Ana
Country: USA
Tel: 714.918.3732
Fax: 714.918.4726

mUrgent (, the only e-marketing company to
combine affordable automated email and wireless marketing services to
small and medium-sized businesses, has launched its EMPACT digital
communications software suite, from headquarters in Orange County,

“When e-marketing emerged in the late 1980’s, businesses jumped on
the bandwagon, taking advantage of economical list serve technology,
though most smaller businesses tended to be late adopters. Now
mUrgent’s automated EMPACT software makes this especially effective
type of customer relationship management (CRM) specially affordable
and practical for small-to-medium sized businesses,” says mUrgent
CEO, Boris Bugarski.

mUrgent’s EMPACT is the first affordable e-marketing automation
software ever offered to the small-to-medium sized business
community. Using a common Internet connection and secure customer
log-in identification, businesses can create their own customer
databases and schedule email and wireless marketing campaigns online.
No hardware or software purchases are required, and because the
process is all digital, no expensive postage, graphic production,
printing, photography or advertising production and placement costs
are required. The campaign can be managed and modified anytime an
Internet connection is available, anywhere around the world.

Though production costs of hardcopy direct mail brochures and other
collateral literature varies from campaign to campaign, mUrgent
estimates the average cost of a delivered piece of direct mail to be
one dollar. A business distributing 10,000 direct mail pieces would
spend $10,000 for one campaign in a single month. In comparison,
EMPACT users can send 20,000 personalized emails and an additional
100 SMS messages to wireless devices – that is two campaigns - for
under $100 per month.

Small Orange County businesses are already using EMPACT to increase
their business from current customers and to build additional
loyalty, including Sol Grill of Newport Beach, Golf Plus and Florence
Italian Cuisine in Irvine and clothier Austin Taylor in Anaheim.

mUrgent is also negotiating with 23-store Fry’s Electronics based in
San Jose, CA, 752-outlet Michael’s Stores based in Irving, TX and
Plantronics of Santa Cruz, CA, a major manufacturer of audio
headsets. CompUSA, The Walt Disney Company and Pizza Hut
negotiations are also underway.

About mUrgent
mUrgent, an e-marketing authority, delivers EMPACT, a proven, easy-
to-use e-marketing solution businesses can rely on to automate more
frequent, personalized communication to your customers for a higher
return on your marketing investment. For more information, visit

Fry's Electronics Redefines Retail Software as ASP Service Hits Shelves

Company: mUrgent Corporation
Address: 1450 N. Tustin Ave., suite 230
Zipcode: 92705
City: Santa Ana
Country: USA
Tel: 714.918.3732
Fax: 714.918.4726

mUrgent Corporation ( set a software
precedent this year when they packaged their e-marketing service,
EMPACT, and began selling it on the shelves at all 26 Fry’s
Electronics locations. This makes mUrgent the first application
service provider (ASP) in their category to reach retail shelves.

EMPACT is a software application service, meaning it is web-based and
may be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection without
ever having to install anything. Application services are paid for
through subscriptions, so users are able to spread the cost over a
long period of time. The ASP model is rapidly taking over the
software industry and mUrgent is setting the standard for how these
services will be sold.

“Using an application service for email marketing makes much more
sense than using software in-house. It eliminates the costs of
technical personnel, constant equipment and software upgrades, and
the risk of spamming. If email marketing is done improperly it can
damage a business’ reputation,” says Boris Bugarski, CEO of mUrgent.

mUrgent constantly upgrades EMPACT features at no cost to
subscribers, which eliminates the need for users to return to the
store to purchase and install new versions as improvements are made.

EMPACT is a permission-based e-marketing automation service that
provides small businesses the opportunity to communicate more
effectively with their customers through an opt-in email list.
Business owners who want to run their own e-marketing campaigns in-
house benefit from the convenience of purchasing EMPACT directly off
the shelf at a reasonable cost.

mUrgent has already negotiated agreements to begin selling EMPACT on
shelves at several other leading software retailers, which will
change the way business owners shop for and use e-marketing

“First we had the cellular service provider, or CSP in the 1980s,
followed by the Internet service provider, or ISP in the 90s,”
Bugarski says. “The ASP model is the wave of the future and we are
thrilled that Fry’s has taken the lead in helping us educate users
about the numerous advantages of an ASP.”

About mUrgent
mUrgent, an e-marketing authority, delivers EMPACT, a proven, easy-
to-use e-marketing solution businesses can rely on to automate more
frequent, personalized communication to your customers for a higher
return on your marketing investment. For more information visit

Goscor lift truck company hots up in Kwazulu Natal South Africa

Company: Goscor lift truck company
Address: 7 Neutron rd Kempton Park
Zipcode: 1624
City: Johannesburg
Country: South Africa
Tel: +2711 976 2137
Fax: +2711 9762176

Goscor Lift Truck Company (GLTC) has been very active in the KZN
region and has recently supplied two well-known local companies with
a range of its products.

Digistics, the logistics company responsible for all KFC’s and
Macdonald’s distribution in the KZN area has taken delivery of a
Crown ESR Reach Truck, a Daewoo LP Gas G18 Forklift and three Crown
WPS Powered Pallet Trucks.

Samson Bohata, Digistics director, says that the reliability of both
the product and the service is crucial in his business as the
pressure to deliver on time is enormous.

“Downtime is hugely expensive for us and the lifting equipment is a
critical item in our business. Since we’ve been using Crown and
Daewoo products our downtime has been insignificant and, on the rare
occasion when I have needed technical assistance, the Goscor team has
been outstanding,” says Bohata.

Digistics, formerly ASP Distributors, has been around since
Macdonalds came to the country in 1985 and changed its name after a
recent management buy-out. Bohata is the director and shareholder of
the KZN branch.

In another deal, Goscor has supplied Denny Mushrooms of Shongweni,
with a Daewoo D25 Diesel 2.5 ton Forklift Truck. In this case Daewoo
has replaced a very well known brand that has operated in the firm
for several years.

“When the time came to replace our existing fleet we looked at all
our options

and the Daewoo from Goscor seemed the best option considering the
price, the quality of the machine and the service. In addition, in
Denny’s harsh environment, the oil-cooled disc brake feature is of
great benefit in terms of downtime reduction.“ says Denny’s Hector
Goodwin.“ So far our decision has been vindicated by both the
performance of the machine and of the Goscor team,” he says.

Micheal Keats, Goscor Durban Branch Manager, says that he is
delighted that two important companies like Digistics and Denny
Mushrooms are now in the stable.

“These are two companies where lifting equipment is a critical item
and I regard it as a feather in our cap that they have chosen our
company as their service providers. “

Since its inception in 1984, Goscor has not only provided best
practice industrial solutions, it has also created authentic
partnerships with its customers, suppliers and principals. This,
coupled with its market-leading Crown and Daewoo products, has helped
the company show exceptional growth every year and become one of the
leading suppliers in the materials handling industry.

Innovative Designer Announces Decorative Classic and Legacy Wall Hanger Collections

Company: Zoroufy Stair Rods
Country: USA
Tel: 1-800-762-3414

Zoroufy Stair Rods, a globally-acclaimed designer, manufacturer and
importer of quality stair rods and decorative carpet accessories,
today announces its patented wall hanger sets, the Classic and Legacy
Collections. Zoroufy wall hangers are an elegant means to display
rugs, tapestries and quilts.

“We developed our wall hanger collections with today's discriminating
consumer in mind,” said Hussein Zoroufy, Vice President, Zoroufy
Stair Rods. “Our wall hangers are ideal for showcasing tapestries,
heirloom quilts or exquisite Oriental rugs, enabling people to add a
unique, decorative effect to any wall. In addition, Zoroufy’s
patented design allows homeowners to display hangings without
alterations with the use of our removable clips.”

Developed exclusively by Zoroufy, the Classic Wall Hanger Collection
is manufactured from 100% brass, can be custom cut to exact
specifications, and display hangings of any size. Ranging in length
from 36” to 108”, the set is available in three finishes: polished
brass, antique brass and antique pewter, and in a variety of finial
styles including pineapple, round, crown, urn and acorn.

The Legacy Adjustable Wall set effortlessly accommodates a variety of
tapestry and rug lengths with or without a sleeve. Like the Classic
collection, the Legacy is made of 100% brass, but features larger
components, and four in-stock fashion finishes: polished brass,
brushed brass, antique brass, and antique pewter. Adjusting from 28”
to 88”, the exclusive telescoping rod design easily adjusts to fit
wall hangings of various sizes. An open bracket design allows easy
display of hangings with pre-sewn sleeves, or use with removable
clips to hang all other pieces.

Zoroufy’s wall hanger collections are sold exclusively through select
retailers around the world and serviced from distribution offices in
the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. To locate a
Zoroufy Stair Rods dealer, visit or call 1-800-762-

Amci stepper motor drives accepted into rockwell automation encompass program.

Company: Advanced Micro Controls Inc.
Address: 20 Gear Drive, Plymouth Industrial Park
Zipcode: 06786
City: Terryville
Country: USA
Tel: 860-585-1254
Fax: 860-584-1973

AMCI's family of stepper motor drives have been granted membership
into Rockwell Automation's exclusive Encompass Program. Meeting the
Program's strict requirements, AMCI Stepper Drives are recognized as
value-driven products, capable of enhancing or extending Rockwell
Automation's efforts in the field of Stepper Motor Controls.

Advanced Micro Controls Inc, a Connecticut based industrial controls
company, has fortified their position as the premier manufacturer of
Allen Bradley compatible stepper motor control products. The Rockwell
Automation Group, corporate parent of Allen-Bradley, recently
accepted AMCI's entire line of stepper motor drives into their
Encompass Program, establishing the company as a global partner
supporting stepper motor control on the factory floor. Inclusion into
the Encompass Program is contingent on several criteria, specifying
that a product must deliver unique functionality supported by a
reputable, sound company - AMCI.

A seasoned member of the Encompass Program, AMCI has been
collaborating with Allen-Bradley for over fifteen years in the design
and manufacturing of industrial control products that complement the
Rockwell Automation family of controllers, interfaces, and sensors.
Forging a relationship with Allen-Bradley during the 1980's, AMCI was
the first company licensed to design and manufacture third party PLC
modules. Since that time, AMCI has developed a wealth of value-added
products that contribute to the successful application of customer
solutions using Rockwell Automation products.

In recent years, AMCI has focused on filling the motion control void
that customers face when searching for Rockwell Automation stepper
products. Leveraging their expertise in the area of PLC module
design, AMCI introduced several stepper control modules for today's
most powerful Allen Bradley PLCs, the ControlLogix, CompactLogix, and
MicroLogix. Like many other AMCI control products, these high
performance stepper controllers utilize Rockwell Automation licensed
technology and are recognized by the Encompass Program.

Following the industry-wide success of their PLC stepper control
modules, customers began looking to AMCI for other stepper motion
solutions. Offerring a wide selection of controllers, drives, and
motors, ranging from multi-axis networked stepper controllers to
integrated stepper drives, customers reaped the value in AMCI's
performance-matched systems.

Emphasizing the exceptional value of AMCI's Allen-Bradley compatible
stepper motion drives, Rockwell Automation has officially recognized
all six of the company's drives as certified Encompass Program
products. AMCI's complete line of stepper drives range from UL listed
4.0 amp units to 9.8 amp stepper drive indexers. Customers can also
find integrated stepper motor control drives that feature a powerful
NEMA size 23 motor and associated 4.0 amp drive electronics.

Learn more about AMCI's complete line of Stepper Motor Control
Products more info »

For additional information on AMCI and their products or pricing,
visit their web site at or contact them by phone
during regular business hours at (860) 585-1254

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