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Software title: iNetAccelerator website checker
Developer: Softinform
Address: 346
City: Minsk
Country: Belarus

Tel: +375.2223759
iNetAccelerator caches all visited Web pages and checks them for updates. If a Web page has been updated, its updated version is cashed automatically. If necessary, the old version of the page can be kept, so that the archive will store two versions of the page with all the description fields. Your personal comments on visited pages save surfing time, too. iNetAccelerator features the page rubricator and allows you to work with page lists (including combined lists). The program marks up you those Web pages whose links are stored in the archive. When you hover the mouse over a link to a stored page, a pop-up window with the page description appears (comments, last access date, etc.). This feature ensures that you will never waste your time reviewing the same page. Indeed, it is much easier and faster to read your own comment on the page than view the page itself again. Also, iNetAccelerator enables you to search for Web pages by description fields in the cache, including user-defined description fields.


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