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Susa's Serendipity Ranch
City: Apache Junction
Tel: +1 480 288 9333
In 1994 my partner suggested we look for a (somewhat secluded) property where we could have lots of animals and where women (and their pets) could come, stay, experience nature and renew their spirits by allowing themselves to just "BE". We started looking in the Phoenix area in Arizona.But, it wasn't until my brother was suddenly killed, that the futility and emptiness of my workaholic's daily grind became apparent and overwhelming. It took 3 years of diligent searching and a multitude of disappointments over unsuccessful attempts to buy. Finally we were "led" to what seemed to be the perfect place - a property which wasNot even for sale at the time, but which - 9 months earlier - I was Unexplainably moved to leave a note in the owner's mailbox requesting a call should he ever decide to sell.The fact that he took the note seriously or kept it all those months, was amazing to me and certainly "beyond chance".

It is for this reason we named our place "The Serendipity Ranch". There are, indeed, no coincidences - especially when you find the path to your Soul's Purpose. My path has among other things, led me through a process of spiritual change from total task-oriented ness to being able to rise and take what each day has to offer, letting it unfold and evolve. With a view of the grandiose Superstition Mountains from my backyard, animals that cohabitate here and the awesome starlit nights, our ranch exudes an atmosphere of amity and understanding that all things - great and small - ostensibly exist by the hand of God. To me it represents the purest form of spirituality.

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