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Skyhorse Productions
City: Chinle
Tel: +1 928 674 5433
There are over 2700 archaeological sites within the many canyons of Canyon De Chelly National Monument. Only 13 of the 700 standing ruins have been stabilized, re-inforced, or protected from degradation. We are professional Navajo guides who can teach you the history of our canyons and about the Anasazi, Hopi and Navajo peoples. We pride ourselves in offering you more than just viewing our scenery - but we can do this too! Canyon De Chelly Unimog Tours is an enterprise of Leon Skyhorse Thomas. Every guide is a professional, certified by the National Park Service by examination. In addition to tours of the Canyon De Chelly National Monument, cultural consulting needs are addressed on a case by case basis for those who seek a more intimate insight onto the Navajo Way. Leon has assisted film-makers on location in Navajoland and is used to delivering high quality services to the people and organizations he serves.

Best Western Canyon De Chelly Inn
City: Chinle
Tel: +1 520 674 5875
Peaceful rest comes easily in these clean, newly-remodeled, southwestern-style rooms. Find authentic Navajo Indian crafts, jewelry, rugs and Kachina Dolls, at one of Arizona's finest gift shops. Enjoy the sights from your car from either or both 2 hour rim drives. Guide books available at the Visitors Center. Refresh and relax tired muscles, after a day of exploration, in our heated pool.

De Chelly Tours
City: Chinle
Tel: +1 928 674 3772
Daniel Staley, owner of De Chelly Tours, grew up in Canyon De Chelly in a traditional Navajo environment. His family hogan had no running water or electricity and his bed was a sheepskin rug on the earthen floor. As a child, he climbed the canyon walls and made clay toys of its earth. When he grew up, he spent several years working in the construction business and raising a family of his own. As time went on, Daniel decided it was time to do more with his life, so he started a hiking tour business into the canyon. There are few who know the canyon as well as Daniel so it was a natural place to start. Eventually, he was able to purchase his first jeep which enabled him to now take tourists on jeep tours into the canyon. From there his business grew. Today Daniel owns 7 jeeps and helps to employ several of his Navajo neighbors as tour guides. By his example, Daniel hopes to inspire other Navajos to improve their own lives. Given his own humble beginnings he encourages, "I want other Navajos to look at me and say, if Daniel Staley can do it, so can I". Daniel takes great pride in showing visitors this sacred canyon of the Navajo people, and being the deeply spiritual man that he is, he asks only that all who visit to please be respectful and treat Canyon De Chelly as the sacred place that it is.

Best Western Canyon De Chelly Inn
City: Chinle
Tel: +1 928 674 5874
The Best Western Canyon de Chelly Inn welcomes you to one of the most beautiful, adventurous and scenic locations in Northeastern Arizona. We are located in the heart of the Navajo Nation and just 4 miles west of the beautiful Canyon de Chelly National Monument. Come explore the beauty of the natural landscape, ancient Indian ruins and scenic canyon walls that the monument has to offer. As our guest of the Best Western Canyon de Chelly Inn you will enjoy one of our comfortable, southwestern style, spacious rooms. Relax in our indoor heated pool, which is open 24-hours all year round. We are glad to arrange jeep, horseback, hiking and Mercedes Benz Unimog tours for you into Canyon de Chelly National Monument. While in Chinle, we welcome you to visit our gift shop that features only the finest in Indian arts and crafts.While visiting the Best Western Canyon de Chelly Inn please try our full service restaurant. We offer American, Southwest, Mexican, Italian and Navajo cuisine. Our restaurant features a unique pictorial record of Navajo life with recognition going to our World War II Navajo Marine Code Talkers, Native Royalty, Young People and Native Celebrities. Our walls are traditionally decorated with Navajo Rugs from the Adopt-a-Native Elder program; the purchase of each rug provides income for Navajo elders and the majority of the purchase goes back to the weaver. Another unique aspect of the restaurants decor is the display of the Navajo clan system banners. The clan banners created are handmade by local artisans. Navajo entertainment is featured on Thursday evenings providing music, drama, and poetry and dancing. It gives our guests a deeper understanding and respect for the Navajo people. That's why we say at Junction Restaurant, you will find that "Tradition is Served Daily".

Navajo Guides
City: Chinle
Tel: +1 928 674 5706
Hiking - Camping - Horseback Trips (inexpensive) into the deep, steep canyons of Arizona's high desert in and around Canyon de Chelly National Monument and the Navajo Indian Reservation. We were raised in these canyons, and have been helping visitors here for many years.We'll guide you to the caves which are filled with spectacular ancient cliff dwellings of the Anasazi Indians... ancestors of today's Pueblo tribes... We'll take you to cliffs lined with exotic petroglyphs... artwork etched and painted centuries ago, on the cliff-walls... perhaps of their spirits and mythology.Within the canyons, you'll see our Navajo people still farming and herding our sheep and goats. Thrill to see our horses grazing and running free along the streams in the canyon bottom. Watch our people making their famous craft work: beaded necklaces, silver jewelry, wool rugs, wood carvings, and paintings. 

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