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Hopi Archaeological Tours
City: Second Mesa
Tel: +1 928 734 9549
We are a Hopi Owned & Operated Company from Second Mesa, AZ on the Hopi Reservation!Experience the intrigue and beauty of the Ancient Southwest by visiting the ruins of ancestral puebloan cultures such as the Anasazi and Sinagua. These ruins are monuments to the lives of the contemporary Hopi pueblo people, who revisit and revere these places as sacred and traditional cultural properties. Hopi anthropologist Micah Loma'omvaya and Hopi colleagues who are from the Hopi villages lead our monthly tours. They have academic backgrounds focused on ancestral puebloan archaeology and ethnography of the contemporary Hopi culture. Our tours will bring you in-depth detail about the lives of the prehistoric ancestors, cultural landscapes, ethnobotany, architecture, cultural lives of the ancient villagers and explore the current ways of the Hopi people.

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