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Jerkwater Canoe & Kayak Co Inc
City: Topock
Tel: +1 928 768 7753
Jerkwater Canoe & Kayak Company offers equipment, guides, paddling trips, mini-vacations and river trip support services on the Colorado River from Hoover Dam in Nevada to Yuma, Arizona. In addition, we offer services on other western rivers and waterways, such as the Owens River in California, the Green River in Utah, and delightful high-country lakes in the Williams/Flagstaff area of Arizona.Our services range from simply providing rental equipment for your individual or group river trip to deluxe all-inclusive trips that include gourmet meals and accommodations. There are a lot of options in between the two extremes, including campsite barbecues and individually packed picnic lunches, as well as paddling shirts and hats. Since we are easily bored, we are always open to developing new and different kinds and combinations of trips to serve your need. Just ask us.

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