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Aravaipa Farms A Bed & Breakfast Country Inn
City: Winkelman
Tel: +1 520 357 6901
Aravaipa Canyon, located 2 1/2 hours southeast of Phoenix, Arizona and 1 hour north of Tucson. Next to the Wilderness Preserve is a pristine creek weaves through the Canyon, and is home to 100 butterfly species, 400 bird species, 93 mammals, 47 amphibians and reptiles.Begin your experience turning off the road from Highway 77 south of Superior to Carol Steele's Inn. The paved road ends and you find yourself on a winding well-maintained dirt road. Beautiful vista views at every turn, the creek winding through the canyon forms a natural reparian habitat, old sycamore trees, cottonwood and natural grasses. Blue Heron, as colonies, call Aravaipa home.Carol's Inn and orchard farm is located across the creek, so you will enjoy the actual experience of crossing the creek. The creek usually is no more than a foot deep, easy access for most vehicles.

Aravaipa Farms
City: Winkelman
Tel: +1 520 357 6901
Enchanting, mysterious, inspirational - a lost paradise found. are the words guests use to describe their experience at this charming bed and breakfast Country Inn. Enjoy incredible bird watching, hiking or simply relaxing in this beautiful Arizona Sonoran desert wilderness preserve. Aravaipa Canyon located 2 1/2 hours SE of Phoenix, Arizona and 1 hour North of Tucson is known worldwide for it's dense biodiversity and spring fed pristine creek that weaves through the canyon. Located next to the Aravaipa Wilderness Preserve, it is home to a hundred butterfly species, 400 bird species, 93 mammals, and 47 amphibians and reptiles? the greatest diversity of vertebrates in the U.S. and the second highest land-mammal diversity in the world.

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